Other Vizsla Clubs

Vizsla Club of America

Emerald Coast Vizsla Club

Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta

South Louisiana Vizsla Club





Training Clubs

Best Paw Forward (Central Florida)

Orlando Dog Training Club (Orlando)

Sarasota Obedience Training Club (Sarasota)

Dog Training Club of Tampa (Tampa)

Imperial Polk Obedience Club (Lakeland)

Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club (Clearwater)


Club Member Sites

Annian Vizslas

Chimera Vizslas

Edisonia Vizslas

Olympic Vizslas

Pinnacle Vizslas

Red River Vizslas

Seaside Vizslas

Southern Comfort Vizslas

Upfront Vizslas

Valleyhunter Vizslas

Vermilion Vizslas

WindDance Vizslas

Resources and Links

TBVC Yahoo Group (Click here to be invited)

Vizsla Epilepsy Research Project

TBVC 20th Anniversary Review

AKC Pointing Breed Field Trial Rules

AKC Pointing Breed Hunt Test Rules

TBVC Hunting Dog Stake Rules

Field Event Software

Vizsla Field Trial Placements Database





Versatile Vizsla
by Marion Coffman

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The Vizsla
by Bernard C. Boggs

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The Culture Clash
by Jean Donaldson

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Beyond Basic Training
by Diane L. Bauman

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Winning Ways: Training Your Pointing Breed Dog for Hunting
and Competition
by Jack J. Sharkey

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Another Piece of the Puzzle:
Puppy Development
by Pat Hastings and
Erin Ann Rouse

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Clicker Training for Obedience
by Morgan Spector

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Positive Gun Dogs - Clicker Training for Pointing Breeds
by Jim Berry, Mary Emmen, & Susan Smith

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