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We realize this is a tough decision for any owner to make. If you have a desire to keep your vizsla, but are having problems with it, please contact us and we will try to give you suggestions that will help you keep your dog. If circumstances dictate that you must surrender your dog, we are also here for you.

If you need to surrender your dog, please fill out this Surrender and Release to Rescue and email it to us as an attachment, or, copy and paste the questions and your answers to an e-mail and send to your zone’s coordinator, listed below. 

vizsla 19.jpeg

If you have any questions email your zone rescue coordinator or call the rescue line 813-358-8282





TBVCR Zone Map-New_edited.png

Please be honest with your answers. We need to know as much as we can about your vizsla so that he or she can be placed in the proper home.

Depending on the numbers of dogs we currently have in foster care, we will determine when we will be able to accept your dog as a foster. If we are full, you may be asked to foster your dog until we have room, or until we locate the RIGHT home for your dog. When you are ready to surrender your dog to TBVC Rescue, please fill out this Surrender and Release to Rescue Form.

We want to assure you that we are very picky about where our rescue dogs are placed. Once we accept your dog into rescue, we make a lifetime commitment to your dog. If for any reason the dog has to be surrendered, the dog is returned to TBVC Rescue (by contract.)

We we ask potential homes many questions and do Home Visits to ensure proper placement of the dogs. Please be assured that we can find your dog the perfect home.

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