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Amateur Gun Dog

The purpose of this program is to promote and acknowledge our club members and their dogs who strive to advance themselves and the breed by their competition in AKC Pointing Breed Field Trials.

Amateur Gun Dog Rules

The purpose of this program is to promote and acknowledge our club members and their dogs who strive to advance themselves and the breed by their competition in AKC Pointing Breed Field Trials.



  • Any vizsla owned or co-owned by a member of the TBVC in good standing.

  • Owner and co-owners must be a member of the TBVC as of the first day of the season.

  • Dogs with the title of Amateur Field Champion as of the beginning of the season cannot compete. The dog cannot begin the season with an AFC title but can compete until the end of that season when the title has been accomplished. After earning an AFC title, only placements in Amateur Limited Gun Dog are accepted.

  • Only placements in any Amateur Gun Dog, Amateur Limited Gun Dog and Amateur All Age are counted.

  • Dog must be handled by the owner or co-owner and must be an Amateur following the AKC’s definition of Amateur.

  • Dog must start in at least one Amateur Gun Dog or Amateur Limited Gun Dog stake held at a TBVC event. Scores may accumulate prior to participating in a TBVC event but will be zeroed if no starts are recorded by the end of award year.


The season is defined as July 1st through June 30th.


Nomination Date:
Prior to February 1st of Award year. (Effective July 2012, this will change to January 1st)


The year of the award shall be referred to as the year the season ended in. For example, the season July 1, 2006 – June 30th, 2007 will award the “TBVC 2007 Gun Dog of the Year”.


Recognition shall be given at the TBVC Event to follow the end of the season.


Donations for a plaque will be solicited but funded completely from non-club moneys. Plaque will show at least 10 years of awards. Scorer will also be responsible for administration of the plaque. Cost of engraving will be the responsibility of the winner. Engraving will be the full dog’s name and owner(s) of the dog along side the year. If the dog accomplishes an AFC title during the season, the AFC will be included on the engraving.


The TBVC webpage will list each year’s winner along with a photo on a designated page.



  • Scoring the dogs will be based upon dogs defeated just like the VCA Top Ten.

  • The AKC website reporting Event results will be used for starter and placement calculations.

  • Scoring will be done by a volunteer with results printed in the newsletter and on the webpage on a regular basis.

  • Clarification: withheld placements above placement submitted will be included in the number of dogs defeated.



  • Dogs for consideration must be submitted to the scorer by the dog owner.

  • Submission for consideration can take place at anytime during the season. Placements prior to submission but within the season shall be included.

  • The scorer must be notified of placements and events dates for score calculation. Dog owner is responsible for notification.

  • Dog must be nominated to participate prior to Nomination Date above. Any dog NOT nominated will not be eligible to participate. Once nominated, the score keeper will tally placements based on owner submission OR by the placement database. Nomination can occur by submitting a placement with the word Nomination as the Event or by submitting a placement prior to Nomination Date. Score keeper will acknowledge nomination receipt.



  • Scorer will organize and calculate dogs defeated based on AKC results webpage.

  • All scores and calculations will require backup documentation for TBVC board auditing.

  • Scorer will be responsible for the administration of the award plaque.

  • Scorer will report standings on a regular basis.


In the case of a dispute over scoring or eligibility, the TBVC board will review all scores and back up documentation for final determination. If no determination can be made or a dispute over this award continues, the award will be dissolved with the last recipient retaining the plaque.


***Modifications effective 11/21/11 are underlined.



To submit your dog for Amateur Gun Dog send the following information for each placement in an email to the Amateur Gun Dog Coordinator.


  • Complete Name of Dog

  • Call Name

  • Owner

  • Handler

  • Email

  • Event

  • Event Date

  • Placement

  • Number of Starters

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