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How You Can Help

How You Can Help A Vizsla

It costs a great deal of money to rescue these dogs, and we depend on the generosity of people like you to be able to continue this work. There are many ways you can help us. 


Foster a Vizsla

TBVCR needs foster homes with Vizsla or other high energy breed experience. We need foster homes for healthy dogs and puppies, as well as medically challenged or temperamentally difficult dogs. Sometimes we need an overnight or very short-term foster home, or sometimes you might have your foster dog for two months or more, depending on whether the dog requires extensive rehabilitation. We are always looking for foster homes!

To apply to become a TBVC Rescue Foster Home, please fill out this Foster Application and email it to

Dogs may come into rescue hundreds of miles from a suitable foster home. You can help by volunteering to drive a leg of a transport. Foster dogs may also need transportation to or from the airport, in the rare case one is flown to a foster home.


Check Shelters
We rely on our volunteers and volunteers from other breed rescues to check animal shelters for purebred Vizslas we may be able to rescue and rehome. If you find a Vizsla in a shelter, please immediately email us at


Never Buy From A Pet Store
99% of the dogs that come from pet stores are from puppy mills. Most pet shops fail to provide proper veterinary care to animals and often sell sick and injured animals. For each vizsla you buy from a pet store, you increase the demand, and somewhere there are poor, neglected parents that will be bred to death to keep up with that demand. Also, make sure that if you do not rescue, you get your puppy from a reputable breeder. Email us to get a list of reputable breeders in the state of Florida.


Donate Money
The fastest way to help is to donate money. $5, $10, $20…every little bit counts, and we appreciate every penny we receive! Also, be sure to check our Facebook page for GoFundMe or YouCaring initiatives to help specific rescue dogs in need of specialized care:


For general contributions, you may donate money to Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue via PayPal using our Donate Form.

We thank you for helping!


If you prefer to mail a your donation check please send it to:

TBVC Treasurer 
PO Box 1831

Melrose, FL 32666-1831

We THANK YOU for your support!

Support Our Cause
Every little bit counts!
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