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Happy Tails of Vizsla Adoption

Don’t see your rescue dog here? Email us and send a picture!

Rescue - Rio.jpg


Rio here!

I have the most exciting news! Today I decided to officially keep my people! Honestly they are just the best people a red dog could ever wish for. I run and run and run, I cuddle even more, I get to go fun places with my family and meet new people (they call it socialization, I’m yet undecided on this new thing), I’m learning all kinds of of new things, and then we get to snuggle and cuddle more - that’s my favorite pastime! I just can’t tell you how much I love them, and they love me!! I will be back with more news soon….until then I have two laps to keep warm. It’s a hard life, but some V has to do it! Lots of love (and snuggles!), Rio



I wanted to break the news to everyone, I  my new Hoomans Terry and Beverly so much that I decided to finalize their Adoption this evening and make them my Pawrents. 
I put my Paw-print on the dotted line signing the documents and they are both all mine till the end of time! Who says a “Good Girl’s” dreams don’t come true!
Happy tails & lots of Love,

Rescue Mila.jpg


A few days after being rescued, Mila had pyometra . Huge thank you to her foster mom for reacting quickly and getting Mila the medical care she needed. Mila became a foster failure :)

Mila loves her new home, she think she died and gone to Doggo Heaven! She sleeps on her mom's bed , sits on her mom's lap while eating dinner :) Thank you Jan!

Rescue - Nala.jpg


My Adoption became official today! 
While Pinky the Monkey is still my absolute favorite toy (my Mimi is having to do surgery on her, because I accidentally tore her leg off) I really love this new outside toy that mommy brought home this week from a work conference. Best part is that it’s my favorite color… PINK!! 

Rescue - Piper.jpg


Piper is doing fantastic with her new family, Lyndsey, Aaron, and human sister Mackena!! She is exploring in her quite large puppy pool, enjoying training and all the brain games her Mommy is doing with her, and loves playing with her next door neighbor (and running zoomies). She has started her new life adopted by this wonderful family!!



After two days of being with his family , Don and Linda told us, this puppy is not going anywhere! WE ARE IN LOVE! 



We are in love with Vader! He is already part of our family! Thank you so much TBVC rescue !



Teddy is adjusting nicely and  is getting to know his new home.  He seldom leaves Michelle's side, and snuggles everyone diligently on the couch in the evenings.  He has a deep newfound love for a dog bed that was never claimed by our previous TBVC rescue , Indy, our  current senior. It  is quite big and heavy and Teddy drags it with him when he switches rooms - and floors!  He was officially adopted October 27th and now is a permanent part of the Drucker family!



Vinni was surrendered to us as a 4 month old puppy. We found the perfect home for him to bloom and grow to become a good family dog. 



Zeus was found as a stray. After doing everything possible to find his owners and not being successful, we found him a wonderful forever home. He is getting slime good basic training and is a happy boy



Arya is being spoiled by their adopted parents Amanda and Nester! Arya loves her leash walks and knows her neighborhood route very well. She is a tennis ball fanatic!!! Literally no other toy entertains her more. And her best friend is an Australian Shepherd!!!



Sadly Redd 's owner passed away, he needed a forever home. He is  loved and adored by his new family. 

Rescue - Sonny.jpg


I thought I would start off the day with the most spectacular news:

MY CHRISTMAS WISH CAME TRUE - I am officially ADOPTED!!! My mom and dad told me that they just adore me and that I have brightened their lives . Well, the truth is, I adore them and they have brightened my life! I actually have a home with people that LOVE me - how wonderful is that? You can see that I am living the best life - lying on my bed in front of a fireplace - it's almost like this is a Christmas movie, but it's all in real life!

Thank you mom and dad for opening your hearts and home to me - I am the happiest dog on earth

Thank you to everyone in TBVC Rescue who helped get me here - I am forever grateful. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope your dreams come true just like mine.

Love you all,

Rescue - Lizzy.jpg


This is Lizzy, something extra special happened in my life and I wanted to let the TBVC Rescue know about it!

I've officially adopted my Velcro Hoomans, and decided to make them my permanent family!

My girl and I enjoy doing everything together, especially our homework!

Happy tails & love!



Canela is officially adopted!

It did not take long, after a few days Canela's family decided to adopt her! She loves taking long daily walks on the beach and playing in the water. And of course cuddling with her mom!

Rescue - Willet.jpg


This is Willet, my adoption became final today! I'm so happy that I have a "Furever Home & Family"
I've got 2 brothers to play with and a big backyard. Thank you Kim and Roland!

Rescue - Deuce.jpg


Deuce is all settled in with his new Mommy Kim and Sister Speckles! From being picked up as a skinny stray in the Everglades, to snuggling with his furever family every night in a King Size Bed, I say this dog will have an exceptional rest of his life!

Rescue - Mako.jpg


Mako is a really good dog and is fitting into our family perfectly! WE LOVE HIM! 



Skye is amazing! She is beyond happy here! She sleeps with me, runs like the wind and she gets quality food and tons of toys!We love her!



Todd and Michelle are no strangers to the Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue. The two rescued Tracker in 2005 and Anna in 2006. After saying goodbye to both pups in a little more than a year their home was very empty. Michelle put in a rescue application after saying goodbye to Tracker and the whole family (their son, Charlie, included) was so happy to hear about the news of Copper’s availability. They say, “Who Rescued Whom” and it is so true in this case. Copper acclimated to the family very quickly. He gets at least two walks a day and is showered with treats and love all day long. And like most Vs he doesn’t know the meaning of personal space. Just the way this family likes it.



Luke is very loved by his new family. He loves celebrating his birthday with his vizsla friends ! 



Rosie's owner passed away. She is now having a sister her age to play with, goes to work with her new owner and is learning how to swim in her pool! 

Johnny boy.jpg

Johnny boy

Johnny boy's owner passed away. Being a senior and very close to his owner, Johnny boy needed a forever home. He went to one of our families that adopted 3 times from us. all seniors! Seniors are the best! 



5 months old puppy Ajax couldn't have found a better home! HIs  buddy 10 year old Matt is loving him. When he goes to bed at night " Mommy, I can't  wait to wake up tomorrow so I can  play with Ajax "



Red is adjusting very well, he loves to swim and play with his new doggie friends.

We love him so much!

Kristen and Robb



We first learned of Zita through the awesome staff of TBVC Rescue. We fell in love with her face!

After an amazing cross country tour with the most kind and generous volunteer transport drivers, The Duchess of Zita arrived at her retirement home – Casa Vizsla Hermosa in Baja! Even cooler, she turned 10 on the trip!

She is just the most wonderful girl with a sparkling personality. Such a joy to add her to our family.

Thomas and Renata 



Chloe is such a great addition to our family! Our vizsla needed a sister and Chloe fits right in! 



Foster was found on the streets at only 3 months old. TBVC rescue took him under their wing and went to one of our foster homes. After many attempts to find the owner, The foster family became a foster failure. Foster is now enjoying life living with another TBVC rescue Lou and an older sister. Thank you Kim ! 



We are so happy to have Ruby join our family. She is a wonderful addition to our family & we are all enjoying her love & energy.

I can’t thank all of the wonderful people involved in this organization enough for all that they do!

Rosemary & Michael 



Tawn was shy of her 10th birthday when she was adopted. She loves to visit the yard then jumps in the car to go to the Marina basin where she patrols the pelicans and ducks. We are so blessed to have Tawn in our lives.

Joseph and Cecilia



We love Nick! We are 100% committed and already cannot even imagine our home without him!



After being dumped on the street I went to a very nice TBVC foster home. They took very good care of me during  multiple surgeries for tumors around my eyes and body, Now I am in my forever home being very spoiled loving life! 



Anthony and I couldn’t be any happier with our Rosie girl!

She is the smartest and sweetest little girl and the perfect edition to our family. Our other dog Lady is so happy to have a new sister, and Rosie absolutely loves doing anything and everything big sister does. If Rosie isn’t clung to our hip, you can find her right by Lady’s side.

In the few short weeks we have had her, Rosie has learned to sit, lay down, shake, stay, come, heel, and she knows to ring the bell by the door to let us know that she needs to go potty! She also sleeps in her crate all night without a peep! Her favorite thing to do is swim in the pool and chase sister around in the yard!

She is such a happy little girl and we are so grateful for the opportunity to give her a forever home! 



Daisy is officially adopted! Thank you Nancy and John!



Blue is doing great! He’s eating great & back at what we believe is his ideal weight.

He has really loved going to the dog park. He gets along with all the other dogs & smiles on the way there in back! He actually smiles whenever we say, “Let’s go for a ride!”. That boy loves the car.

He and Gracie continue to bond well and enjoy playing both inside and outside. We continue to love him more and more every day and are grateful to have him.



Zulu, a 7 year old male, arrived to his new home!

He met his new sister Kona (adopted from us December 2018) and his new parents Charles and Linda. Thank you Patty for helping with the transfer of Zulu to his new family.



Buddy is a great addition to our family !

Our youngest son adores him and he lives playing with our other vizsla Zuma! 



Thank you Kristi for taking this small little puppy and doing everything you can to make up for all the major weeks of socializing this little guy missed and dealing with all the impacts of leaving his mom too early. We finally have a clean bill of health and got his Florida health certificate!



Samson is officially adopted! Thank you Kelly for giving a forever home to this very sweet old man. He loves is new home and having siblings! Thank you Amy ( our Zone 3 Rescue coordinator) for all your help!



Eddy and Raider are getting along great and he’s working through his nervous Vizsla issues – he hardly bites his nails at all and getting a leash on his collar no longer requires a hyperactive dance.

Oh! And he’s even been for a few laps around the pool.  I can tell you he is happy here.

We were a family in need of a Vizsla and Eddy was a Vizsla in need of a family. Thank you for making that possible.



Guess who is enjoying life? Our sweet Griffin!!!! Thank you Andrew and Hilda for sending pictures!

Marley and Murphy.jpeg

Marley & Murphy

Marley and Murphy’s owner passed away. Thank you to the Payne family for adopting both dogs. It was important to keep them together.



Lots going on here today.**This** guy joined our pack today: introducing Rudy who is 5 **today**.

Thank you Tampa Bay Vizsla Club…. and we went for a nice big run .Yes: a month ago there were 8″ of snow in the same field, but today about an inch of mud on top of frozen ground. A good time was had by Rudy and Charli.



This is the proof that with time and patience a rescue dog with a difficult background can come around! I am so happy to announce that Audi is now a perfect gentleman and is officially adopted!!! Perfect name for him because he loves car rides ! He is the sweetest dog !

His 2 foster homes have become foster failures  Thank you Mindy, Connie and Ildikó for adopting him! Introducing “Bluewater’s Taken to Safe Harbour



Luke is officially adopted! Thank you Lori and family for giving a forever home to this handsome man.



I’m Penny, settling into life with my new family, and it’s going great!

I’m training my humans to take me to the park very regularly so I can chase my tennis balls down and get out all that vizsla energy. There is another dog here, Bodo, and we are such good buddies.

As you can see, I make myself right at home by sitting wherever is most comfy! Thank you, Amanda, (Zone 4 Rescue coordinator) for choosing just the right family for me!



Rudy is doing amazing. Gets along with everyone and now loves when new people come over. He’s more spoiled then my other dogs. Sleeps in the bed, loose all day. He’s a great dog!!



Duke was an unexpected “foster failure” who just fit in perfectly with our family.  He joins fellows rescues 4 year old vizsla Cooper, 12 year old Maya (TBVCR 2008) and rat terrier Ellie, age unknown.  He loves spending his days playing with his new siblings, shredding stuffed toys and chasing lizards. We are completely in love with him!



Belle enjoys crashing on the couch with the kids and running around. She has all the classic Vizsla traits. She is very smart, she listens and has taken to training well. She has been trained to retrieve and she enjoy fetching the paper in the morning, rain or shine. She pals around with the other bird dogs of our family a GSP “Jenna” and Britt “Kate”. This Fall she will be road tripping up north again to hunt birds. Belle has a lot of game and she loves to run and hunt. Belle is a pleasure to hunt with; she searches independent of the other dogs using her nose really well, she is always attentive to the whistle, commands and where I am in the field. 
Wee Belle is has become a confident and relaxed family pet and very good bird hunting companion.

Lucy -  Jeff and Beth.jpeg


We are so blessed to add Lucy to our family.  The moment we met her we knew she was meant to be with us.  
She is loving, energetic and completes our family.  She has been with us for a short 30 days but it is like she has been with us forever.  
I am enclosing a picture of our three Reds.   Ellie is on the left, Lucy in the middle and Jethro on the right.  
Jeff and Beth

logan 2_edited.jpg


This past January, we lost our Vizsla Jake.  We were so heartbroken and knew that we were meant to be dog parents and the Vizsla is the breed for us.  We set out to apply to some local Vizsla rescues.   When we received your call, we were encouraged that we were closer to having another dog.

We can’t thank Nicole, Janet & Allison for making this all possible.  Logan, a 6 year old boy was brought to our home just a few days later with a crate, toys, food, training books, dog shampoo, tooth brush, vet records and official breeder paperwork.

Clearly, Logan was very loved and well cared for.  Painful as it was, his family was faced with having to find another home for him due to serious/life threatening health risks of a family member.

Logan is nothing short of amazing and our hearts are overjoyed to receive the perfect dog for us!

Many thanks to the diligent work of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue another happy forever placement!


Jerry and JoAnn



Bodhi, 3 year old male is officially adopted! Thank you Sue and John! Bodhi is enjoying his new life!



I wanted to give you a 3 month update on Brady since that’s considered when they pretty much adapt to the new home. Brady just had his teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and he is doing great with teeth brushing at home. We went through a lot getting him to eat healthy and Senior dog food. He ended up losing 12 pounds out of it which was very stressful but now it’s his senior food with 2 teaspoons of plain Greek yogurt mixed in and he gets fresh broccoli everyday.

When I look back to 3 months ago compared to today it’s like night and day literally. I know we can all understand how a dog would pretty much shut down being re-homed at 8 1/2. He was so stressed out on the drive home and now after making car trips fun for him with treats from drive-thru businesses he seems really good in the car. He does great at the vet which is the first dog I’ve ever had do well. We’re doing great dremeling the nails which took quite a while considering you couldn’t even touch his feet. Treats and yogurt made that happen and a lot of work touching his feet.

Brady growls when you try and move him or if it’s a situation where he doesn’t feel comfortable but I don’t feel threatened at all it just seems to be a way he communicates since he had issues with the young children at his first home. We convert the growl into playing very quickly. Considering when I first brought him home he growled if I even walked near one of his beds and he wouldn’t get on the couch or the bed with me. He spent a lot of time in the safety of the crate with all his bedding set up and I understand that totally. Brady is such a sweet little boy that loves people and we’re still working on other dogs. I have been taking him to Lowe’s and PetSmart for socialization and he’s doing great at that. It’s so hard having a Vizsla that won’t get on the couch or in the bed with you but he had to decompress and do it on his terms but of course I added bribery and that helped him progress.

I was thinking about where we’re at yesterday and now he’s all over the couches and sleeps under the covers in bed with me and when I say it’s bedtime he goes flying in the room jumping on the bed and it really makes me tear up sometimes because he finally seems at home. He even trusted me to come back after he had his teeth cleaned. We’re having a lot of problems with his allergies which I’m pretty sure is from grass because they’re on the belly pollen counts have been low for a while. His original family, who loves him so much, has been great in helping me with different ideas on the allergies. I’m doing a lot of trial-and-error processes right now. I still cannot believe this is the same dog as 3 months ago. In his case it really was best to be rehomed because obviously you can’t have a dog growling at your young children and I was the benefactor of this wonderful gift.

I was so incredibly lucky to get this little boy 9 days after losing my 16 y/o Vizsla. The great thing about senior rescues is most of us Vizsla obsessed people can’t imagine not having one in our lives but we get older and have more physical problems ourselves and it’s not fair to get a young puppy but we can have seniors and we’ll still have that deep love for the breed but the energy level is matched. TBVR has been such an incredible help and support through all of this and I could never thank them enough for bringing this special little boy into my life. he is such a sweetheart and a total love I’m attaching some pictures that he modeled for. I still get such a kick out of him carrying his little stuffed animals around all the time and sticking his head between my legs. He is so addicted to National Geographic Wild and all the Vet and Zoo shows



Happy National Dog Day! Thank you for giving me my new life! I am on my first mountain vacation!

Penny 2.jpeg


We are happy to announce this young girl has joined our family. Say hello to Penny Dadson, Eva and Etta Jane new big sister. Thank you TBVCR for making this possible!



From his owners:

Bravo, previously known as Runaway, came to TBVCR from Broward County Animal Shelter in bad condition, and heartworm positive. He now lives with his new family in Gainesville with lots of room to run!

Red 2.jpeg


This girl has brought so much life to our house…. can’t imagine life with out her.

Luke - Kevin.jpeg


So today Kevin and I would have been married 35 years. I never quite know which anniversary is going to hurt, but I’m making an attempt to tie them to positive new memories. If he was still here, he would have loved that I tied them to Luke. We both loved our dogs so much…they brought us great Joy. So August 4th, the anniversary of his death/accident, was Luke’s Gotcha Day. August 31, 2020, our 35th anniversary, is Luke’s actual Adoption day. Luke is stuck with me as his quirky, loving Dog Mom and seems to put up with me practicing my horn. He’s probably the first dog to have that much patience. Thank you Kevin for the great Anniversary present.



Thanks for making this whole process so enjoyable.Chevy is having an absolute blast with the girls and being able to run like a crazy boy! Some days, he is stiff from all the muscle use and energy expenditure! But there’s nothing like a healthy Vizsla!!!
I commend the Club and Rescue on the coordination efforts. I know it must be very time consuming for all the coordination that goes into this whole process and you executed it flawlessly. Thank you again for everything.

Scooby - with mom and dad.jpeg


We are so thankful that Scooby was found in Miami and transported to us in Tampa by such a wonderful organization.  
Scooby is a happy boy who cannot get enough attention from anyone and everyone he meets.  
He is attached at the hip to mom and dad (quite literally), but will breakaway to play with his new brother, Miles.  
Scooby loves playing outside, running with mom, and playing tug of war with Miles.  
Scooby has been the perfect addition to our family!

Oda 2.jpeg


We got the call that Oda was available for adoption and we quickly got the ball rolling to add her to the family! She is such a beautiful personality and so different from our dog Dante (V) it is a refreshing balance to this breed. Dante loves her and they are playing with each other daily now. She loves to run in the pasture and tempt her fate at attempting a nose licking of the heifers! She is such a gentle personality she doesn’t chase the ducks on the farm she watches them in awe! She is getting used to going from condo living to a farm with oodles of space to run, hunt and play! We are so lucky to have been given this opportunity to rescue this beauty and add her to our family 

Lucy - dream dog.jpeg


Lucy is doing great and is completely settled in with our family and routine. She is the sweetest girl and we absolutely adore her. She loves playing with her sister and just can’t get enough human attention. We are an extremely active family so she gets to go on lots of hikes and runs! We recently sent her to the “dream dog” program with Callypso Canine and she did fantastic. She now can hike with us without being on a leash and overall it just made her energy level manageable even when she doesn’t have the chance to get her energy out. We have a few acres of land so she is constantly getting to run around and play. Lucy has been the perfect addition to our family and we love every second with her!

Brandi 2.jpeg


Our 12 y.o. rescue, Bandi, is doing well, has put on 6 pounds, and loves chasing rabbits, napping,  and exploring what is out in our yard. Thanks, TBVC!

Scooby 1.jpeg


Our family is so grateful to the TBVC rescue for all that they do to protect and nourish the Vizsla breed. We are blessed to have Scooby as our newest family member.  He is a special dog that is being showered with love daily.

Dino 1.jpeg


Dino is a fantastic fella. 
He loves the sunshine and likes to layout in the sun. He enjoys snuggles and loves food! Jumping in the car, on the boat or even on the golf cart; Dino loves to go for a ride. Tugging and fetching are still in his repertoire despite him being a respectable Senior. He plays well with other pups and children. Still working on his severe separation anxiety otherwise he’s the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue! -The Lyles

maisy .jpeg


Maisy has been such a blessing to our family. It seems as we all grow to love her more and more each day, and I really think she feels the same way about us! When we first got her, her tail barely wagged, but now I have never seen a happier dog. She is so gentle, sweet, and loving; but, also has the biggest personality. If she’s not cuddling with one of us, she is playing with our other two vizsla’s, who have taken her in like a sister. Maisy has brought so much love and laughter to our home, she was the missing piece of our puzzle!

zulu 2.jpeg


Zulu has been a good addition to our family. He has helped our other vizsla, Kona,  settle down and be more relaxed. We can now go out for dinner once in awhile. Zulu is obsessed with hunting and when he is not outside looking for squirrels to chase (which we have a lot of), he is looking out the windows for them. If all the squirrels are up in the trees, lizards will do until the squirrels come down. He is a joy to have around.



We have now had Chief as a new member of our family for 5 months.  Wrigley, our 2 year old girl, and Chief are inseparable.  Wrigley loves having Chief as a playmate with mom and dad being empty nesters.  Both have all the same typical Vizsla traits, but Wrigley is much more of a beautiful, elegant and majestic QUEEN, whereas Chief is an all gangly, rough and tumble BOY.  Chief now out-weighs Wrigley and we expect he is not done growing.  We are so in love with them both and so very thankful for the addition of Chief to our family.  There is never a dull moment in our house and we absolutely LOVE it!



I am overjoyed to have the privilege to adopt OBI.  In the past month OBI has been socialized with his own breed and several other mix breeds through families that own vizsla’s, doggie daycares, and daily walks at parks throughout Palm Beach County.   OBI loves to run and swim with his closest companions Katie, Pumpkin Louise and Coco Chanel.  OBI has fit in our family circle perfectly.  Thank you all so much for being there for OBI.



Baran is doing well and we all including our dog Riley are enjoying our new addition. Thanks you so much for all you do in assisting these wonderful dogs find loving families.



We love Benz!

Rudi - gene and tara.jpeg


We always knew we would get another Vizsla, but we didn’t have any time expectation.  Currently we have a 2 year old Vizsla, Sasha, and a 12-year old Shih-Tzu, Charley.  When we were contacted about Rudi (formerly Axe), we were thrilled but yet a bit apprehensive.  We had a great household balance and didn’t know what another very energetic, active dog would bring.  What he has brought is happiness.  The first week was an  adjustment for Rudi, but he has settled in with our family and is relaxed and loving.  We run with Rudi and Sasha daily and he is building up his tolerance on the trails.  We’ve begun a few obedience lessons with him as we’ve done in the past with Sasha.  He’s so smart and catches on quickly.  He may even be smarter than Sasha (shhhhh).  My favorite part of the day is when he curls up on the couch with me or sometimes on me.  He has settled in to our house and our hearts.

Gene & Tara

New Smyrna Beach

Chief formally Max .jpeg

Chief (formerly Max)

It has been 4 weeks with our crazy little man Chief. He is absolutely adorable and loves his big sister Wrigley.

He sleeps with both mommy and daddy whenever he finally slows down.

Pictures are of sleeping on couch next to daddy. Sleeping in mommy’s arm. Both looking out door for daddy to come home. Both waiting for dinner. Etc…

Thank you with all our hearts!

Mike & Sue

Sasha 1.jpeg


Little did I know five years ago on April 30th as my family and I said “goodbye” to our precious Hannah that I would ever get over the hurt.  Years had passed and the hurt began to ease a bit.  My memories were no longer painful but simply brought me joy just thinking about the unconditional love and loyalty Hannah gave all of us.  I began to long for the companionship of another Vizsla.  Could I do it?


I reached out to Tampa Bay Vizsla Club and volunteered to act as a foster parent.  My thinking was to see how it would go.  Well, fast forward…I finally received a call from Nicole that they had a female Vizsla and they needed a foster home for her.  I gladly accepted after seeing her pics and knowing my heart was open.  The volunteers who worked to get Sasha to me were amazing.  I hadn’t had a Vizsla in years and I was, definitely, a bit nervous. Sasha came to me and we instantly hit it off.  It was like a prodigal daughter returning home.  The challenges she has faced since being here have been many.  Her previous owner had selflessly given her up because he couldn’t care for her like she deserved so she was not unhappy there. She went through a transition at my home; not eating much but loving the runs and being outside.  I spent a lot of time with her sitting next to me and talking to her.  The neighbor dogs on both sides were equally as happy to see her come to my home. They too became quick friends.  My daughter and son brought their 4 Australian Shepherds and she was in “doggy heaven” running and playing with them.  I was beginning to feel I could be more than a foster parent to her and she was opening up too.  Then we found she had a very large mass.  According to the Vet it was very suspect and needed to be removed. Nicole sprung into action decisively and the surgery was performed.  It was a serious surgery and I really didn’t know if my heart would once again be broken. We waited a week before the call came from the Vet…”benign”.  Sasha was just fine, other than being a senior (which was ok with me since I am too, haha).  I emailed Nicole and asked her if I could adopt Sasha?  I knew there was no way I would ever want her to leave.


Now Sasha and I both have found each other late in life.  I feel she, just like my Hannah, has an unconditional love for me and my family. If I were to simply say “I am grateful” for Nicole and Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue it would seem so inadequate. Sasha has brought back a joy in my life that I thought was gone forever but now I know is a joy only Sasha can provide. Thank you, thank you!!



We just ADORE Zoey – she makes us laugh all day long.  My husband calls her his dog, but she spends quite a bit of time on my lap, too.   

 She and Gaby have started interacting a little more than they did initially.  For awhile, they kind of just co-existed.  Now Zoey spends more time “herding” Gaby around the house and yard.  She is the perfect addition to our newly empty nest – she helped fill the hole left in our hearts when our almost 15-year-old V Birdie died in October, and she has put a little spark back in 12-year-old Gaby, who likes to “mother” her.  Thank you for entrusting her to us!



Charlie (aka Li’l Man, Lazlo) is a force to be reckoned with. Full of a love of life, with a let’s play attitude that never ends. No doubt his previous owners weren’t up to the task of raising such a puppy & he ended up with TBVC Rescue. Luckily his foster Mom knew what a gem in the raw he is and waited for me to show up and assure her he would be in a good home, dispensing much love and having two other brothers and a sister to play to his heart’s content.

Charlie has fit into our home, sleeping in our bed & sitting on the couch like he has always lived with us. That’s good because we don’t plan on letting him go anywhere else!



Although the three vizslas that we have had have been great members of our family, Kona (number four) is by far the most loving. All she wants are hugs and kisses in return for the hugs and kisses she gives all the time. She seems very happy to be here.  She does have some issues with anxiety when we take her to different places, possibly due to her past experiences. We are trying to socialize her more by taking her to different places and she does appear to be responding and becoming less anxious. In time, I think her anxiety issues will go away, with the exception of thunder, fireworks and gun fire. She is a great dog and we love her very much.

belly - cathy 1.jpeg


Bella is so smart and has acclimated to her new home beautifully! She loves to chase squirrels and birds in the yard and we frequently go to the dog park where she wants little to do with the other dogs. Her primary interest is to hunt! ???

Thank you for being a champion for this special breed. Your work has brought so much joy into the hearts of the rescues and the rescue families, alike.


Allie and Olie.jpeg

Allie and Olie

We are the proud owners of two Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue dogs.  Sweet Allie, who was then about a year and a half old, joined our family the day after Thanksgiving 2015 (which our family will now forever celebrate as “Brown Friday”). Allie is our energetic “party girl” and Kristen’s personal trainer, dancing in circles each morning when she sees Kristen put on her running shoes to head out for a family jog.  She is also a classic Velcro vizsla and very diplomatically divides her time between Jeff’s lap (in the mornings) and Kristen’s (in the evenings).

In April 2018, we again reached out to Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue.  This time, sweet Nole (now Olie) was waiting for his forever home.  Olie had a hard life before he came to us, having lived outside in the Florida heat for all of his five years.  He had also never had the opportunity to develop “house manners,” so we enlisted the help of the same trainer who had worked with Allie, and lo and behold, he has come a very long way.  To put it mildly, he is adjusting to the good life.  The dog who could not walk on terrazzo floors, wasn’t sure where to go potty, and was terrified of squeaky toys now loves dips in the pool, walking on a leash in a perfect heel, playing “tug” with his sister, belly rubs, and having his very own spot on the sofa (when not in our lap), not to mention stockpiling squeaky toys.  We call him “Thumper” for the way his tail beats like a tom-tom whenever you look his way.  Olie has a sweet, calm demeanor, big, blocky head, and slightly goofy ways.  We have high hopes for him as a therapy dog when he is ready to go to the next level in his training and are so glad to have him as part of our family.  As for how Olie feels?  To quote Aretha Franklin and George Michael, we believe he knew we were waiting for him, during all of those hard years.

Jax and Lucy 1.jpeg

Jax and Lucy

As a life long Viszla owner, my house has been filled with dogs most of my life, as many as four but no less than one. After breeding our female Tula back in 2005, we decided to keep two of her puppies, Panzer and Rusty. Tula eventually became diabetic, lost both her sight and vision, and ultimately we had to help her cross the rainbow bridge in April of 2017. She had been diagnosed with inoperable breast cancer, and she told us when it was time. We knew the day was coming when we had to let her go, our vet had said she had 4-6 weeks to live, and she last 7 weeks to the day. So it was expected, still hard, but expected.
What was unexpected, however, was Rusty playing hard on a Saturday in July, his  normal self, then six days later his kidneys failed and he was gone with no warned whatsoever. We were devastated. We had lost two of our family members in 3 months and we were heartbroken. Panzer would pace the house during the day looking for his brother, would scratch at the door of the garage until we let him in so he could see he wasn’t in there, then walking the entire fence line, searching.

My wife Leslie is a big believer in things happening for a reason, and i'll let the reader be the judge of that. In April of 2018, almost a year to the day that Tula passed, Nichole reached out to us that she had a 6 year old male rescue, named Jack, who had never been in a house before, been in a car only once, and was not housebroken and had bit someone who tried to take his bowl away. We agreed to a 30 day fostering after passing our home inspection. Jax (jack) proceeded to hoist his leg on every kitchen appliance, have a couple of “Accidents” over the next week or so, and generally exhibited bad manners as the weeks went by. But…..he filled a hole in our hearts right away. From the first night he slept in the house, on our bed. For never having been in a house before, he sure figured out it was pretty nice to lay on a blanket on the couch! We were smitten by him, and I would called this a successful rescue.

Four weeks after that, Nicole reached out again. She had a small female, named Ruby who was rescued from the same person who own Jax, was not quite 4 years old, weight 30 lbs, was skin and bones, never been in a house and so on. We took to this dainty princess from the very minute we got her, and she immediately fell in absolute love with Leslie. We are slowly getting her housebroken. For a dog who was never inside, she now hates to go outside! She is mortally terrified of thunder, shakes so hard her teeth rattle. We've bought her medicated treats.a thunder shirt which helps, but she loves being wrapped in a blanket, and held by her person Leslie. We decided to call her Lucy instead of Ruby, because the irony is we would have two dogs that were named Jack Ruby and I didn’t want any Lee Harvey Oswald questions. Lucy was definitely another successful rescue as you can see by her, Jax, and Panzer all laying together on the couch.

The irony is this. 2017 we lost two family members in 3 months. In 2018 we gained two family members in three months.  We got Jax on our wedding anniversary date, and Lucy and Leslie share the same birthday!

This was very much a successful rescue……they rescued us.

Thank you Nicole!

-Kevin C.



Lola went to the David family in January. She is going to obedience classes and improving all the time!  She’s loving the warm summer like days. Out side soaking up the sun, loves the trampoline & playing with the kids. We have a new family member, puppy girl Ariel, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The companionship has been a real positive for Lola.  - Tina



Slick adjusted to his new home immediately. Like a typical Vizsla, he loves to run, and he has plenty of space to do it.



It didn’t take long for Pedro to get comfortable in his new home. But it took a us little longer, however, to realize his preferred name is Pepe!  We LOVE this handsome man. He’s everything we’d hoped for and more.



Hi TBVC family!!

I can’t tell you how happy we are to have Gaius as a part of our family!!  He fits in just perfectly.  Although he is a senior gentleman, he acts like a 7-8 yr old!  You would never know!  He is a super super snuggler, my shadow, and has brought us a great amount of love, which we happily return in kind.  He has yet to meet a creature he doesn’t like.  He has enough energy to keep up with our two boys and plenty of snuggles to go around.  Thank you so much for our Red dog Gaius!!

toby joe 1.jpeg

Toby Joe

In December we lost our 13 year old rescue Lab to cancer. In January we were introduced to a sweet Vizsla puppy from Alabama that needed a new home. It took only one day to become foster failures, knowing that Toby Joe had indeed found his forever home with us. We signed paperwork to make Toby the newest member of our family. He came to us very timid but has outgrown that and more. Now a typical puppy, exploring his new world and having so much fun playing with his older “brother and sister” Vizslas, Toby Joe has decided he likes his new home. Good food and medical care have made a huge difference in his health and appearance. His coat is soft, his eyes are clear, and he has more energy to run all the other dogs ragged. Best of all he has a bushel of toys to play with and scatter all over the house. Toby Joe is one happy boy!



After losing our beloved 15-year old Vizlsa, Molly Mayhem, our home and hearts felt empty and we quickly realized that we all still had love to share with a family pet and began the search for a Vizsla rescue.  Almost 6-months later, we welcomed Dora Joy into our lives and our family is complete once again.

Dora, aka Dor Dor, Queenie, Lovely, DJ, Chunky Monkey or Love Bug – depending on who you ask and what she’s doing – has blended seamlessly into our family, accompanying us on walks to school and around the neighborhood as well as on trips to the stables and to Grandpa and Grandma’s house.  We even added taking Dora on the boat and going to get ice cream with her to our family summer bucket list as we identify new activities to do and new places to go together.

Dora and Grace, both age 7, enjoy playing games together, especially fetch and tug-of-war, and Dora has us all wrapped around her paw for belly rubs.  We laugh over her playful antics, like when she does the “worm” on the floor, decapitates or dismembers a toy or jumps sky high to catch a ball.

Dora brings joy to us every day in countless ways and we feel thankful and blessed to have been entrusted to care for her as her forever family.  We can’t imagine our lives without Dora, and are head over heels in love with her.

Guy, Carol and Grace



Charlie (aka Li’l Man, Lazlo) is a force to be reckoned with. Full of a love of life, with a let’s play attitude that never ends.

No doubt his previous owners weren’t up to the task of raising such a puppy & he ended up with TBVC Rescue. Luckily his foster Mom knew what a gem in the raw he is and waited for me to show up and assure her he would be in a good home, dispensing much love and having two other brothers and a sister to play to his heart’s content.

Charlie has fit into our home, sleeping in our bed & sitting on the couch like he has always lived with us. That’s good because we don’t plan on letting him go anywhere else!

kona keith and diane 2.jpeg


Gator’s doing great and has been an amazing addition to our family.  As he’s getting older – and perhaps more comfortable – he’s gaining weight and is a lot less skittish with loud noises and thunder than he was when he first arrived.  He and our older vizsla Anna are like two peas in a pod… two peas that wrestle, play and groom each other constantly that is.

Gator’s as doggly as good dogs come… and he’s come a long way from the anxiety troubled dog who was eating through his former owner’s drywall when we adopted him in December, 2015.

All that to say, we sincerely appreciate the work your team does to find new homes for dogs like Gator.  We often wonder “who’s saving who?” and our home is a warmer place for the happiness he brings to our whole family.

All the best! 

Sincerely, Keith & Diane, Apollo Beach



Lou is an amazing pup full of life and very loving. Jeff and I have been fans of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue site for several years on Facebook. For over 10 years now we have had two rescue pups, a Vizsla (14) and a Weimaraner (10), they are the best girls, so much so we immediately knew we would make every attempt to rescue another.   The moment the urgent message came out to assist with finding good homes for so many pups we knew we could not pass up the opportunity to help and potentially gain a new family member.  We felt honored to be chosen since so many people were interested in fostering or adopting Lou.  

Can’t imagine a day without this wonderful animal. We would foster or adopt anytime. Especially if it means getting one of these dogs out of a bad situation like a puppy mill closure.



We are so happy this sweet boy Everitt found us and is now a family member. He is our first boy and has brought so much joy and laughter into our home.

Truly a Velcro boy, he is either curled up with his new found sisters or mommi & popping.

Thank you, Nicole for asking us to help out with rescuing this wonderful boy.


Beth, Steven, Eva, Etta Jane & Buddy Boy Everitt



Hi TBVC, I still remember the day I received the phone call to fosterBaxter. Initially, I was very reluctant because we had recently lost our viszla but after some persuasion we took him in.

The rest is history, he has been with us for 2 months now and is part of our family. He has brought smiles and laughter back into our home.

Our kids love playing ball in the yard, my husband takes him for runs

and of course dog parks and doggy daycare. He is a typical spoiled rotten viszla!

I can’t images life without him! Thanks for being persistent TBVC.

He is one of the best things that happened to us this year!



We love having Rogan in our family! She is super sweet and super silly, sometimes crazy, typical vizsla. Gracie loves having a companion, and as you can see from the photo collage Rogan seems to be enjoying her beach and boating lifestyle, too. We go to the beach to run around almost every morning and boat rides on weekends. She loves the water! Admittedly, she’s not a great swimmer but we’re working on that. We’re working on reinforcing her other training, too, which is going well.

xxoo and puppy kisses

Marie, Steve, Gracie & Rogan

darby and ladybug_edited.png

Darby and Ladybug

Darby was an owner surrender after a parent passed away. She was very well taken care. We are so honored to be her forever home continuing to give her the best of care and love.  Darby is her forever mommy’s very happy VELCRO girl.

Ladybug was a well loved owner surrender. Her new forever mommy and daddy are foster failure, after falling in love with her at first sight. She is one happy happy girl who loves her toys and sisters.

We are so very grateful to TBVC rescue letting us bring these two girls in to our family.

Bo 1_edited.jpg


I just wanted to let you know how happy and blessed we feel by having BO in our lives.

He is an awesome boy , a Velcro V for sure!! He is always with me , loves to be hugged and lots of kisses. He rescued me as much as I rescued him.

He is doing so so well and loves to run and play , such a silly goof, we adore him and treasure him.

Thank you so much to Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue and you for saving him !!! He has a forever and ever home with us!!



In the beginning we were Anya`s foster home.  She was in rough shape and required surgery to treat her breast cancer and other ailments.  Slowly she recovered and began trusting.  After watching her bloom, we had to adopt her.  Today she is a happy, confident member of our family and she has a job, which is taking care of us.



Hello from the red Vizsla on the right……My name is Porsche Anne Flynn. The lady next to me is Kombi Esno Flynn. She has taken care of me since the day I arrived at my new home with Mommy Andrea Renee’ Flynn and Greg Flynn. They were nice enough to take me into their beautiful home that is situated on a 1/4 acres and a short walk to an amazing park and the New River. We loving swimming together and playing fetch in the water especially since the weather is getting much warmer. When we are at home, we have a beautiful from fenced yard where neighbors and kids come by to visit us. The back yard has tons of running area, lizard chasing and large shady trees to take naps under. Other activities include beach walks, skateboarding and daily walks. At night, we all snuggle in bed together and keep each other warm and safe.Thank you to my new mom and daddy and sister!!! Also thank you to the ladies who found my home Sue and Loral and the Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue Club. This is the best forever home on the planet:)

Bella - cooper city.jpeg


Bella was rescued from a shelter in Pam Beach and now lives with her new family in Cooper City, Florida. Initially they only wanted to foster this sweet girl, but they fell in love!



From his foster home: Rex was an 11 month old male who was surrendered to us by his owner, a busy mom with 3 school aged daughters who was racked with guilt about having to give the girls’ puppy away.  They heard about me through talking to people at our local dog park.  She had purchased Rex as a puppy from a pet store.  Unfortunately, it was love at first sight and she did not take time to do any research about the breed before making the decision to bring Rex home to her busy family.  A single working mom, she lived in a 2nd floor condominium with no back yard. The clerk at the pet store assured her that vizslas do really well in crates for long periods of time and needed very little exercise.  Well you can imagine what happened from there.  Her girls were all involved in one or another after school activity and Rex spent, as near as I can tell 20-22 hours in a crate every day.  When he was not crated he was, understandably difficult to deal with.  It didn’t take her long to realize that for Rex to be happy needed to be with a different family.  It was a sad and painful decision for them and I made it as easy as I could.  Their final tearful request as they kissed him goodbye was that I find him a good home with good people. In spite of the long hours he had spent crated, Rex was a friendly and social little boy. He did well with our daughter, our cat and our dogs.  He went to the off leash dog park and was happy and outgoing.  I was much relieved that he was well socialized and, once tired, very easy to live with.  Lynn and Leon contacted TBVC Rescue after having a bad experience with a puppy miller in Florida. Lynn had owned a Vizsla before and she knew what questions to ask. She was dismayed and disturbed by what the ‘breeder’ she talked to had to say.  They drove to my house from Lehigh Acres to meet Rex.  They brought him home for a trial period and decided that he was a keeper.  Way to go Rex and thank you Lynn and Leon for opening your hearts to him.



Sweet Roman showed up on the streets of Daytona in late September. He was underweight, unkempt and heartworm positive. He was estimated to be four years old.  A Vizsla breeder in the area found out about him and rescued him from the shelter and fostered him for almost a month. In my mind, she saved his life.

After he got his heartworm treatment he moved to his new forever home in Gainesville.  He is having minimal side effects from his treatment and eating well. He is such a sweet boy and gives great kisses. We are starting to take him on short walks and he is very friendly with all the four-legged (and two-legged) kids he meets. He particularly loves lounging outside and staring down lizards.




Zoe, is a great new addition in our family.  Zach, my 13 year old now has a new lease on life also a rescue from you all years ago.  They bonded instantly and I think at times he reluctantly puts up with her craziness but they do love each other.  They are constantly playing and enjoying a slightly rambunctious lifestyle together and I could not be happier to see that.  She has also slowly becoming a good running partner she loves the time outdoors both with Zach and our one on one time in our walks and runs.  I thank Tampa Bay Vizsla Rescue for pairing me with such a great mate for Zach and we look forward to watching her grow with us for years to come.

Tucker 3_edited.jpg



I’ve discovered that there is no such a thing as an “old” Vizsla. After losing my love, Hunter, in August, I decided it was time to adopt another rescue.

Initially, I thought I wanted a younger pup. After bringing Tucker home, and getting his nutrition under control, Tuck has developed into a feisty, goofy, Velcro Vizsla!  He and Lana, my black Lab, have become fast friends and partners in crime! 

Don’t let Tuck’s silver face fool you. He’s spunky, energetic and playful, just like any other Vizsla.

Thank you TBVC Rescue for bringing the joy of owning a Vizsla back into my life!



Ruby’s previous owners did not have the time to spend with her and they left her outside. The neighbor was tired of hearing Ruby barking so he tied her to the bumper of his car and went for a drive. She was rescued and adopted by Rich Hermes in Tampa.

Now Ruby loves riding in the truck, but doesn’t like the windows rolled down. For some reason though, she’ll ride in her owner’s topless Jeep with no problem. Ruby is the friendliest dog. She just loves being around people. She gets excited when Rich grabs the leash, because she knows it’s time to go for a walk, which they do on most nights. Her favorite place in the house is on her big pillow on her corner of the couch. She loves to jump in bed and snuggle up. Most nights you can find her curled up on Rich’s bed sound asleep.



Meet Duke!
Duke is a blind and deaf senior Vizsla. We have found our way to each other and are looking forward to happiness in our forever home. Hoping Miko is wagging his tail in approval wherever he is  
Welcome home Duke!

Jackson 1.jpeg


Jackson was an owner surrender for health reasons of the owner, and went to a couple who adopted a Vizsla from TBVCR 13 years ago. Jackson loves to play with their other dog, a Black Lab, and even cuddles with the cat. It’s a match made in heaven!



Ponder was turned in to the Animal Control in Titusville because he was an “escape artist.” His owners left him outside in an unfenced yard, never allowing him indoors, with only an electronic fence to keep him contained. Needless to say, he broke through the fence and would wander the neighborhood.

Ponder was unneutered and heartworm positive, and was scheduled to be euthanized. The TBVC rescued him from the shelter and he was treated.

Ponder has a wonderful vizsla temperament and melts the hearts of everyone he meets. He was initially scared of coming inside a house, but now he gets to play with balls and toys, sleep on a soft bed, eat peanut butter to his heart’s content, and will grow up with his very own boy. He lives in St Petersburg with his new family, the Franks, and their golden retriever Sadie, and he could not be a luckier dog.

Thank you Lexia, Dustin, and Tavish for giving Ponder a wonderful home, where he will never be left outside again.

Please remember that vizslas are not happy as outdoor dogs, and electric fences are not a good idea for this sensitive breed. Vizslas need human companionship and should not ever be left outdoors unsupervised.


We love Theo!


Scotch was bred by excellent breeders, but given up when he was 9 years old because he was afraid of thunderstorms. He is a very sweet boy who went to live with Kirk and Cyndi Hoggatt near Ft Myers.


Rascal was found as a stray in the street. He was skinny, full of fleas, with the longest toenails she had ever seen (he could hardly walk because of those toenails)!Tammy Richmond fostered him, and Maureen (who also adopted Bravo from us) took him forever. He has lots of love and snuggly blankets now – He will never be cold again!!!


4 year old Betty came to TBVCR from mill-like conditions in Spring Hill with Cindy, Betty, and her brother Bart. She was fostered by Stephanie and Carol while she underwent heartworm treatment and then went to live with Royce and Frank in Ponte Vedra Beach. She went from spending her life in a crate to getting to play on the beach and sleep on the couch, she’s a very lucky girl!

There are currently NO reputable breeders in Spring Hill. If you are considering getting a dog from there, please contact us first!


Lexii needed more exercise than her family could give her, and she became destructive. She went to live with a family near Orlando, where she has a vizsla brother she can play with and get her energy out. Sometimes 2 vizslas are easier than one!


Gretchen was one of the 3 vizslas that was saved out of the 33 that were turned into Spring Hill Animal Control-the rest died of parvo. She came to us with hookworm, skin infections, ear infections, kennel cough, was not spayed, and had spent her life in a crate. She is now living with Robin Morgan in South Florida, where she gets to swim in the pool and play with her pug brother and cat sister.


5 year old Ruby (pka Faith) was rescued from mill-like conditions along with Hope (now Gretchen) and Charity (now Niki). She went to live with a new vizsla brother in North Florida and is living the good life!


6 month old Luchi was rescued from a bad situation with too many dogs, and went to live with his new family in South Florida. He is a wild and crazy puppy with tons of energy!


Wags was picked up at Animal Control in Jacksonville, and was scheduled to be euthanized because she had heartworms. She was emaciated, starving, and her tail was undocked and broken open from all her tail wagging. We treated her for heartworm, docked her tail to save it from a lifetime of bleeding, and she went to live with her new family and a lab brother in Orange Park. Her new family named her Wags because she is such a happy girl!


Cayman was turned in because of a divorce. He was fostered and neutered and then went to live with a wonderful family in Jupiter.


3 year old Bullet was turned into rescue because he liked to hunt small animals in the backyard. He now lives with a wonderful family in Atlanta, and he gets to run to his heart’s content!

Special thanks to Darcy Duvall, Chair of the Metro Atlanta Club Vizsla Rescue, for transporting Bullet to his new family!


Tinley was given up by his owner who didn’t have enough time for him, and went to go live with a wonderful family near Tampa!

From his owners:

Tinley is really doing great. He is the sweetest thing! His favorite things are going on our daily walks in the evenings and to snuggle and cuddle, especially in our bed at night (he can be a bit of a hog though!) Our girls absolutely love him and I think the feeling is mutual.

Tinley has made a few “friends” in the neighborhood and he always looks forward to seeing them on our walks. I think he may have even found a girlfriend, Roxie, who is a min-pin. She likes to run circles around him and he just eats it up!

Tinley is a wonderful dog and we are all so happy to have him in our life.


Lexi came into rescue when she was 3 years old, and fortunately we had the perfect family to be her forever home!

From Lexi’s new owners–Everything is going well with Lexi. She is a great dog and we love her!! I’ve attached a couple pictures. One is of her out on our lanai which she absolutely loves. The other picture is of her (a squeaky pheasant toy that the kids gave her for her 4th Birthday Jan. 15 :o) ) and our 3 kids. Lexi gets so much attention…the kids love taking her for walks, giving her treats, and of course cuddling with her. Lexi takes a 4.5 mile run with us about 6 days out of the week. She is such a good running partner and just loves it. We can’t wait to take her to the beach and see what she thinks of it.


Iggy’s family gave him up because Iggy needed more time and attention.
He went to live with Gary, Pam and Guinness in Cape Coral.


TBVCR rescued Hunter from a high kill animal shelter in Ft Myers when he was less than 2 years old. He now lives with Hillary, Michael, 3 jack russell terriers and a Vizsla sister (all rescues) in Apollo Beach, where he is an official greeter of his owner’s pet specialty store, Give a Dog a Bone.

From his new mom:

Just thought I would let you know Hunter is doing great!! We just adore him!! He loves our house and most of all it looks like he’s been in our store greeting customers his whole life! He’s just perfect. Sunday and Monday he didn’t eat that well like you said but now he’s an eater! Especially his mommy’s homemade cookies! Thanks again for giving us this great opportunity. We just LOVE him!

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou, previously known as Dixie, was between 1-2 years old when an angel rescued her from a busy intersection. She now lives in Orlando and is “the Princess of Belle Isle.”


Alex, previously known as Roscoe, lives in St. Petersburg, where he gets to go boating,
play on the sandbar, and sunbathe with his new brother A.J.


8 month old Copper, previously known as Woody, was an owner surrender. His family wasn’t used to the energy level of a Vizsla, and he spent most of his young life in a crate. He moved to North Carolina, where he loves to play in the leaves and curl up with his kitty sister for a nap.


18 month old Pete found his forever home in
North Florida, where he gets to hunt all he wants.


From her new owners:

Keegan, previously known as Annie Jane, loves to hug, kiss, and snuggle very close. She has an older sister Devlin who she is very protective and loving toward. She is an absolute joy and we love her very much.

Fergie aka Skippy

1 year old Fergie was hit by a car and left in a shelter for a month with a shattered pelvis before they would let us have her. Fergie had FHO surgery on her pelvis thanks to a wonderful vet who gave rescue a discounted cost, and went to live with her forever home, the Hardys in Naples. They renamed her Skippy, and the photos below should show you why! Fergie has the perfect Vizsla temperament, always happy, always resilient, and brightens the day of everyone she meets. No one deserves a new shot at life more than Fergie, she is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much to Tammy Richmond who fostered her and did physical therapy with her to get her to where she is now! And especially for the approval of the Board Members to give her a chance at life.

A letter from her owners:

I wanted to thank you so much for rescuing Fergie, we love her so much. She is the best friend a person could ever have. We have renamed her Skippy, since she skips to the truck to go everywhere with my husband, she skips on the boat and she skips down the beach. She has become the water dog, on her first few boat trips we had to physically pick her up to put her on the boat, but now as soon as we arrive at the boat dock she is crying in the car to get on the boat. I have attached a few photos of her. The photo below is amazing when you consider her hip surgery, I often wonder why they put springs in her hip.

We were having a problem with her jumping over our fence, but I think we solved the problem, in order to go out she has to have a bandanna on. We have a pile of them on a table and when we are ready to go out with her we tell her to get her bandanna and she picks her color for the trip. She has about ten bandanna’s my husband insisted she have more than just red and blue…good thing he does not like her (ha ha

She does do the most amazing thing, last year my husband had foot surgery so when he took Skippy to the beach he would tell her 5 minutes, believe it or not she would run for 5 minutes and be back on the boat ready to go fishing. Now when the entire family goes, she is still back in the boat in 5 minutes. She is amazing!

We have a new game in the pool we play called, “save the ball”, she will go down the steps and rescue her tennis ball, and we sometimes play keep away and make her swim a few laps before she completes her rescue. She will take the ball far away from the pool until she is ready to play again, then she will bring it back to one of us so we can play again. What a character she is! As you can tell we love her and are so thankful you were able to bring her to us. She has to be one of the best Vizsla/friends a person could have!

I wanted to send you a quick update, since every day we feel lucky she came into our lives! If you ever see the vet who helped her, tell the vet they are awesome! She is perfect, except for those spring loaded legs…perhaps she is the bionic dog!


Cindy was rescued from a Spring Hill breeding mill where she spent most of her life. She now lives with a new wonderful family and a new Vizsla brother, and has a new lease on life.


Sammy was a pet store puppy whose new owners had a change of location and couldn’t keep her. She went to live in St Petersburg with a previous TBVCR Coordinator, Susan Cutchall, and is going to be a Flyball star!

Please do not support pet stores!!!!


4 year old Bart came to TBVCR from mill-like conditions in Spring Hill with Cindy, Betty, and Rosie (now Lucy.) He went to live with a wonderful family near Tampa and is an extremely sweet and lucky boy!

There are currently NO reputable breeders in Spring Hill. If you are considering getting a dog from there, please contact us first!


Lucy, previously known as Rosie, is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve gotten into rescue. She came from mill-like conditions along with Cindy, Bart, and Betty when she was 9 years old and went to live with her new family in Celebration, FL.


Lucy, previously known as Rosie, is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve gotten into rescue. She came from mill-like conditions along with Cindy, Bart, and Betty when she was 9 years old and went to live with her new family in Celebration, FL.


5 month old Anastasia contracted parvo as a puppy, and her owners turned her over to the vet because they couldn’t afford treatment. The vet treated her and adopted her out, but she was a bit wild (she IS a vizsla puppy!) for their young daughter. She went to live with Michelle and Todd Foley, who adopted Tracker from TBVCR last year. They wanted a puppy, and they have their hands full with this one! She only LOOKS sweet and innocent, don’t let her fool you, she’s hell on wheels when she gets going!


4 year old Niki (pka Charity) was rescued from mill-like conditions along with Hope (now Gretchen) and Faith (now Becca). She came to TBVCR heartworm positive and was treated and fostered by Phyllis and George, who took great care of her until she was ready to go home and live with Faye and Nick. Thanks to all of you for taking care of this beautiful girl!


2 year old Star was found wondering the streets, begging children at an elementary school for food. She was adopted by a family on the East Coast of Florida, and now gets all the food she wants, and a Vizsla buddy to play with!


6 year old Zac was turned in by his owners because of divorce, and went to live with his new Vizsla brother, Ruger, and family near Orlando. As you can tell, he’s settling into his new home quite nicely!


Remington needed a home where he got more attention, so he went to live with his new family in Orange Park. He now gets to travel across country and run in his huge backyard and lake.


We found Cesar wandering the streets near Tampa. He comes from a terrible breeder near there that is breeding dogs with a lot of health and temperament issues, and Cesar is no exception. He has a lot of fears of things like wind, storms, men, people, etc., probably partly because of his upbringing but also because of his temperament.

Cesar was lucky enough to be rescued by his angel, Sandy. He loves his 3 new dog brothers, has been neutered, and is living a great life. Please contact us to see if the breeder you are getting your dogs from is reputable, it is amazing how quickly the breed can be destroyed through terrible breeding!


Phoenix was surrendered by his owners, who said that he was too afraid to go outside, afraid of other dogs, and just peed and pooped on himself in the sunroom because he was so afraid of life.

After a month with his foster home, Phoenix went to live with his new family in Plantation, where he has a blast playing with his new lab and greyhound buddies, Miss Mattie and Courage. He likes to go to the dog park, snuggle, and play with toys. He does still have some fears and maybe always will, but he is adjusting well with his new family, who loves him unconditionally. Phoenix was truly “rescued” from his previous life, and is doing great!


Four year old Ruger was left in a shelter with a case of Sebaceous Adenitis, and was a mess of dry skin and patches of missing fur. His temporary home in Port St Lucie saw right passed his skin troubles to his amazing temperament and love for life, and decided to keep him. Ruger has turned out to be an excellent bird dog with a staunch point and will be hunting with his new owners, Steve and Peggy, in Florida. Ruger is one lucky dog, but Steve and Peggy would tell you that they are the lucky ones!


Josie was given up by her family because their child had allergies. She went to live with her new family in Virginia & is living the good life playing with her dog sister and vizsla friends! She has a special chair that she loves to sleep in and is very happy! Please remember that Vizslas are not hypoallergenic, they do shed! 


Tracker came to TBVCR at 4 years old, very skinny and heartworm positive. He was rescued from an animal shelter in Bradenton, and had obviously spent much of his life outside. After successful treatment and lots of love and care, he went to live with his new family in Tampa, where he gets to snuggle to his heart’s content.


5 month old Daisy, previously known as Sasha, was bought from a puppy mill in Lakeland by a woman who didn’t know what to expect from a Vizsla that had been in those conditions. She is now living in Lakeland with her Vizsla brother, Dax. She and Dax are learning how to hunt!


10 month old Maya (right) was an owner surrender who was given up because of allergies. She went to live in Ft. Lauderdale, where she plays with her Lab and Vizsla brothers, who are also rescues.

Just remember, Vizslas DO shed, and they are NOT hypoallergenic!


Sally came into TBVCR at only 8 weeks old, she had been bought from a pet store and was given up after only 3 days. She now lives in Bradenton and is very loved by her family, who also raises puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs.


Pretty Priscilla came to TBVCR pregnant with a belly full of puppies. After her puppies were born and placed in homes, she went to a new home where she gets to hunt!


From his owners:

Nelson, previously known as Homer, is completely a member of our family and is an absolute velcro case! I can truly say I have never known a sweeter dog. Nelson has gone from being a wild runner to a dog who can (usually) be voice-leashed when necessary. He loves our Weimaraner, Cotton, who likes him back. He’s occasionally still a little wild – last fall, he helped her tear her ACL, which, of course, means he lost his playmate for a few months.

Unlike any other dog we’ve had (even our previous Vizsla), Nelson makes SURE he gets a couple of miles of walking or jogging with his humans every day, rain or shine.

Hannah and Nikki

From their new owner:

I am the very proud Rescue Mom of 2 very special Vizslas, that I will thank Kim Deturk and Don Bonnice from the TBVCR every day I live for. My life will be changed forever because of these amazing creatures.

Hannah is my first rescue. She came from the big Pasco County rescue in Sept 2005. She is now 6 1/2. She was severely traumatized, but is the sweetest angel there ever was. She has major quail instincts, and Don and Kim have given her so much happiness in allowing her to hunt quail. Don took her on a mock hunt for me during the 2008 Fun Weekend, and it was a joy beyond words for this precious little girl

Nikki is my second rescue. He came to me in Apr 2006, and is now 3 1/2. He became my Service Dog 6 months ago after I had a serious accident a year ago, causing brain damage and several spinal disc ruptures. He also just passed his CGC and Therapy Dog Certification on July 23rd, thanks to a very special person, Susan Wallace from the TBVCR. I thank her so much.

Hannah and Nikki were just filmed by Producers of the Oxygen Channel, and they will be submitting the film and stories of them and their incredible abilities to the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel for a show on Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and rescue dogs that can help change the lives of the sick and disabled.

These very special Vizslas have changed my life forever.

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