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Looking for a Vizsla Puppy? Research a Reputable Breeder!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We love this Facebook Post from New Hope Vizsla Rescue below. Visit them at if you are in the PA, NJ, DE and MD region. Very sound advice for finding a reputable Vizsla breeder, no matter where you live!


Are you looking for a Vizsla puppy? While we promote rescue, we also prefer that people seeking puppies buy from responsible breeders. We also know that many people on this page or looking for a rescue or a puppy. Responsible breeders stand by their dogs for life, so that means they don’t come in rescue! We are proud to work with some great breeders in our area to promote responsible breeding.

Here is some advice is you are looking for a puppy. It is a long read, but worth reading:

In rescue I have lots of experience with breeders that are not responsible. Therefore, I urge you to take GREAT CAUTION in selecting a breeder. Likewise, we partner and are friends with many excellent breeders who care deeply about Vizslas. First, you will want to avoid any breeder who will ship you a pup sight unseen. Good breeders love their puppies and will want to meet you. Second, most of the internet sites that list puppies for sale (next day pets, etc.) are mostly listings for puppy mills, volume breeders, or backyard breeders that do not breed to maintain or improve our lovely breed’s conformation or temperament. If a breeder will sell you a dog over the internet without meeting you and then ship a puppy on an airplane as freight, is that really a breeder you want to buy from? Many of the dogs I see in rescue were purchased like this. A well bred Vizsla whose parents have had proper care and health testing will probably cost anywhere between $1400 and $2000. If the puppy is not bred from titled dogs with health testing the breeder should not be charging this much, but many questionable breeders charge as much as breeders of champion Vizslas. A bargain pup probably has no health testing behind it and the breeder may not be selecting dogs with positive traits to use in their breeding program. I have several articles linked below that tell what to look for, and avoid, in a breeder. The price alone will not identify a good breeder, as some volume breeders and pet stores. charge this much and more. You will also probably have to wait on a list, perhaps as long as six months to a year, for a puppy because good breeders do not have puppies all the time- that is a major red flag! Last, the other worst place to get a Vizsla is a pet store. Like internet sales brokers, pet stores get their puppies from USDA puppy mills. There are also puppy mills in Lancaster PA area now breeding Vizslas. Please be very cautious of these Amish and Mennonite breeders. It is heartbreaking.

I must also warn you that the breeders listed on the AKC website in breeder classified ARE NOT screened or endorsed by the AKC. These are paid ads and the AKC is merely a registration service. Use all cautions above and read the breeder answers to the questions on the ad carefully. There are some good breeders that list there, but most are not.

If you need to check on a breeder’s health testing, the database of records is public and can be found at You will need the registered name or AKC registration number to search. Check for both sire and dam. You should definitely always check yourself to verify.

PLEASE READ the information on the links below, as you are making in investment for the life of your dog and want a breeder who has invested their life in our lovely breed:

This is a great site for education on breeders, puppy mills, and rescue:

This is another quick checklist and very good:…/a-dozen-simple-ways-to-be-cer…/

Here is a link to an article that discusses pet stores and volume breeders vs. good breeders. It is very informative:…/where-not-to-buy-a-dog-the-pet-sto…/

You can look for breeder referrals through the regional clubs listed on the Vizsla Club of America Site:

I highly recommend connecting with your local club if you are new to the breed and want to learn more. The Keystone Vizsla club is our PA club and they are at The Conestoga Vizsla Club handles DE/MD/VA and is at

Our board members are proud members of VCA, KVC, VCGNY and CVC. There is a good group on Facebook where reputable breeders announce puppies:

Here is a registry of breeders you can browse:…

To receive our Breeder Referral List, please contact Josephine Datis via email at

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