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Responsible breeders reach out with a positive approach to fight anti-breeder sentiment.

We thought this article by Jill Kessler Miller of the American Kennel Club (AKC) was ‘on point’. Check out the full article here.

"We must all support rescue, support our breed and sport clubs, support our fellow club members, and be gracious and generous of spirit, to put forward at all times the best face of being an AKC dog fancier. There should be no blowing off people ringside who are there to learn and have fun, nor having temper tantrums at the show for everyone to see, no blaming the dog for “losing,” no being a poor sport, no being seen with no ill-behaved dogs who lunge and bark, no snarky comments and gossiping. Be kind, transparent, and helpful. Invite people to contact you for assistance. Help steer them. Let them see your wonderful dogs, touch them, and be charmed. It’s really the only effective way we have to fight back—through the dogs themselves." —J.K.M.

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